Garden Room Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In

One of the best things about summer is being able to spend time outdoors enjoying the nice weather. But what if you could bring the outdoors inside your home? With a garden room, you can have the best of both worlds—a beautiful space to relax in that still feels like part of nature. Here are some garden room ideas to help you get started.

Growing in popularity are solid-roofed garden rooms and orangeries, which combine components of glass, stone, or brickwork with a lantern roof. Both types of structures can be more seamlessly integrated into the design of your home than a glass conservatory since you can coordinate materials like roof tiles and brickwork. Because orangeries and garden rooms are less vulnerable to weather extremes than a room made entirely of glass, it is simpler to control the temperature in these spaces.

Turn it Into a Garden Office

A garden office will also give you the opportunity to get some Fresh air and Vitamin D during the day – something that can be hard to come by when you’re stuck indoors all day. And if you have a green thumb, you can use your garden office as an opportunity to start your own indoor garden!

Lastly, working from a garden office can be great for your mental health. Studies have shown that being in nature can lower stress levels and promote feelings of calmness and wellbeing. So if you’ve been feeling stressed out lately, a garden office may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that your garden office is well-insulated so that you can stay comfortable even when the weather is less than perfect. Secondly, consider investing in some good quality outdoor furniture so that you can really make the most of your new space. And lastly, don’t forget to personalize your space with plants, artwork, and any other items that make you happy!

Create a Cosy Seating Area

One great way to use your garden room is as a cosy seating area where you can read, nap, or entertain guests. To create this type of space, start by selecting comfortable furniture that you can imagine spending hours in. Then, add some personal touches like blankets, throws, and pillows to make it feel like your own. Finally, don’t forget about lighting— ambient lighting will help create a relaxing atmosphere while task lighting will be ideal for reading or working on your laptop.

Turn it Into a Greenhouse

If you love plants and gardening, why not turn your garden room into a greenhouse? This way, you can have a space to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and flowers year-round. To turn your garden room into a greenhouse, start by adding shelves or racks for all of your plants. Then, install grow lights so that your plants can get the light they need to thrive. Finally, remember to ventilate the space to prevent too much humidity from building up.

Make it an At-Home Spa

For a truly relaxing experience, transform your garden room into an at-home spa complete with a massage table, sauna, or hot tub. You can even add a small fridge stocked with healthy snacks and drinks to keep you fuelled during your relaxing daycation. Just make sure that you soundproof the space so that you can fully unwind without any distractions.

With a little bit of creativity, your garden room can be anything you want it to be—a cosy reading nook, an at-home spa retreat, or even a miniature greenhouse. No matter how you choose to use it, just remember to personalize the space so that it feels like YOUR perfect oasis away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.