At DB Space, our team boasts a collective experience of over 60 years in the construction industry. We can deliver high-quality, Garden Rooms, Modular Extensions and Garden Offices that prioritise quality and thermal efficiency while ensuring meticulous installation, all with the homeowner’s needs in mind.

DB-Space Garden Rooms is a sister company of DB-Space Insulated Conservatory Ceilings. Over the past decade, we’ve established an outstanding reputation across the UK for our expertise in installing conservatory roof insulation. During this period, we’ve identified a crucial gap in the garden room industry — a lack of emphasis on creating spaces that are comfortable year-round. Many garden rooms suffer from overheating in the summer and difficulties in maintaining warmth during the winter. This is a fundamental issue we aim to tackle, just as we do with conservatories at DB-Space.

Our mission is to introduce a renewed focus on insulation in the realm of garden rooms. Creating the most energy-efficient rooms available in the market.

We’ve developed a system that places paramount importance on thermal efficiency, construction quality, and product excellence. Our approach centres on constructing sustainable rooms that align with our vision for a greener future. We harness modern construction methods and utilise cutting-edge materials, many of which are recycled or recyclable. This not only guarantees a maintenance-free solution but also results in a superior finish that stands the test of time.