We know that you may have a lot of questions so here we have tried to answer as much as possible.

Why use DB-Space?

We offer high quality, thermally efficient garden rooms that are built to last. We do not compromise on quality with any of our materials. In addition to this, we offer exceptional, friendly customer service that listens to what our customers want. We have a flexible solution to create anything you desire, and deliver it at a build quality that is second to none.

Do you offer a bespoke size?

We do. Our steel frame system is capable of building a 3 storey house. Its high strength and engineering software can produce just about any design and size imaginable.

Are there any additional costs?

We are very clear with our pricing so we work off a fixed price of £1,750 per SQM for any bespoke building. We also have fixed pricing on our modular office rooms. We do however fit our rooms nationwide so your distance from us may affect the price. We can clarify this at the initial stage of enquiry.

What comes as standard?

We have a list of additional options that you can choose from for our bespoke models. with our modular office, what you see is what you get. Everything is included in the price, all apart from electrical hook up to your house, for this you would need to arrange for a local electrician to install an armoured cable to the RCD unit.

Could the garden room be attached to our house?

Yes. Our rooms are built to building regulations so there is no issue with adjoining it to your house. For this service, we would need to come out and see you to discuss options. You would need to contact your local planning authority to check if you need consent. We also offer a service of dismantling your old conservatory and replacing it with one of our rooms.

Is my garden room guaranteed?

Yes. All of our garden rooms come with a 7 year structural guarantee to cover you against materials and workmanship.

Does my garden room add value to my property?

Yes. In today’s world, many people when buying a house are now requesting an additional office or leisure space separate to the house. You will find that the cost of your room will add the same value or more when you come to sell. There is no better time to install a garden room.

Who will install our pod?

Your lead installer will be Daniel, the owner and fitter for DB-Space garden rooms.

What kind of foundation do you use?

We use Ground Screw Foundations, which are driven into the ground, one metre apart. In areas where these screws are not possible we fit concrete pad foundations. Both systems are included in the price.

What cladding do you use?

We use an Award Winning Composite Panel Cladding. This stunning product achieves a natural look but without the draw backs of real wood. It is a maintenance-free solution that will stand the test of time without fading or defecting in any way.

Do you install lights and sockets?

We do. We will discuss the amount and location with you when we are designing your room.

Do you connect to the mains power supply?

No, you need a qualified electrician to connect the house to the room. We can arrange this with our local trusted electrician if you are within a 30mile radius of our workshop in Middlesbrough.

Internet connectivity?

There are number of different ways to connect. We can discuss these with you so we can offer the best solution.

Is the room well insulated?

our garden rooms are one of the most energy efficient available. We provide a scientific report to prove our u-values.

How secure is my garden room?

our garden rooms are very secure. We use the latest high security hardware on all our doors and windows.

What are the doors made from?

Our doors and windows for our bespoke models are high grade powder coated aluminium. we use UPVC windows and doors on our modular office designs, although you can upgrade to aluminium with our premium office.

What is the thickness of the double glazing?

The double glazing is 28mm thick.

Can I add a skylight to my garden room?

Yes, we can fit skylights to any of our bespoke models.

What is the finish on the internal walls?

We use primed MDF panels with beautifully routed grooves. This allows you to paint very easily to a colour of your choice. If preferred we can also provide a plaster board and skim finish with any of our bespoke rooms.

Is my garden room maintenance free?

Yes, unlike the majority of companies out there we fit a composite cladding made from recycled plastic bottle tops and wood fibres. This is a premium grade product that has the look of real wood but without the inconvenience of regular maintenance.

What heating do you provide?

We provide a wall mounted electric heater that can be controlled from your phone as standard. We also have additional options of underfloor heating and air conditioning.

How long will it take to be installed from order?

In most cases we will be able to install your garden room on average around 6 weeks from order.

How long does it take to install your garden rooms?

Our garden offices can be installed in as little as 3 days.
Our bespoke models can take anything from 5 to 10 working days depending on size.

How much does it cost for a site survey?

If you live within a 45 mile radius of Middlesbrough we can carry out a site survey free of charge, for any location outside of that radius we would need to charge you for this time. We could advise on cost once we know where you are. Any costs incurred for a survey would be refunded in the cost of your garden room if you were to go ahead.

We also offer a free online appointment and survey to discuss your requirements, this is ideal for anyone who is interested in one of our rooms but are situated outside of our local radius.

How do you confirm all our requirements?

We provide you with a CAD drawing with all your specific requirements, electrical layouts and an order confirmation data sheet.

How does payment work?

Our payment structure is split into four equal parts.

1st Instalment – On confirmation of order we would take a deposit of £1000

2nd Instalment – after arranging an installation date we will take a 35% deposit inclusive of the £1000 you have already paid. Now we can order all of your materials and prepare your room.

3rd Instalment – after arriving on site we will install your foundations as this point we will require 55% so that we can construct your room.

4th instalment - once we have completed your garden room and you are happy with everything we will then require the final payment of 10%

Do you offer finance options?

We do, if you would like to spread the cost of your garden room then we have the facility to do that.

Do you install nationwide?

Yes, we are experienced in carrying out installations throughout the UK.

How large can I make my garden room?

We use cold formed steel to construct all our rooms. This high strength material is load bearing and can span large distances so the size of your garden room is limitless.

Will there be any damage to my garden during the installation?

No, we are very considerate workers. We lay grids down on your lawn to protect it and will go out of our way to make sure that total care has been taken when carrying out your installation.

Can I customise the design?

Yes, if you have certain requirements then please let us know. we work closely with our CAD team that can design whatever you wish.

Can my garden room be fixed to my house to create an extension?

Yes, all our garden rooms are designed to building regs so we can do this for you.

Do I need planning permission?

In most cases, no. As long as the building is at a maximum height of 2.5m and no bigger than 50% of the garden space, the building will fall under permitted development.

How close to the boundary can you build?

We would need at least 400mm space between the garden room and the boundary fence for when we are building your room. You will also need this for access if you need to maintain certain parts of the building.


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