Do you want to create more space for you and your family without the upheaval of a traditional house extension? A garden room could be just the solution, even if you are not blessed with the largest of outdoor spaces. A small garden room, with a more compact and space-saving design, could give you the extra space you need without taking up too much precious outdoor space.

What exactly is a small garden room?

Garden rooms are an increasingly popular home improvement, creating a new outbuilding which is entirely separate from your house. Small garden rooms, as the name suggests, are more compact versions which can be designed specifically to fit into smaller gardens or engineered to utilise tight spaces or forgotten corners.

What can garden rooms be used for?

Bright, airy and comfortable, garden rooms are hugely versatile and can serve many different purposes. The rise in homeworking has led many to opt for a home office garden room in order to better separate home and work life. But a garden room could also be used as a home gym, yoga room, library, storage room, hobby space or simply somewhere to relax.

Why choose a small garden room?

In many towns, cities and new builds, garden space is a premium. A small garden room is perfect for adding extra living space when you have a smaller outdoor space. But they do not have to be reserved for smaller gardens. Small garden rooms can also be ideal in a larger garden if you are looking for a discrete and unobtrusive space which does not take up too much green space. They could also be the perfect solution if you have a particular use in mind, such as a single-person office or a home gym.

What are the benefits of a garden room?

It may be smaller in size but a small garden room still offers big benefits.

.       Extra space – small garden rooms bring extra space which can be invaluable, especially to larger families or those who work from home.
.       Convenience – Located in the garden, your new room is just a short walk from your home and home comforts yet remains a distinct space where you can enjoy privacy or peace and quiet.
.       Flexible – Your garden room can be used for whatever purpose you like. Its high-quality, insulated finish means it can be used all year round too.
.       Adds value to your home – A garden room is a desirable feature which can make your home more appealing to buyers, especially as homeworking rates continue to rise.
.       Makes the most of your garden – Designed intelligently, a small garden room can actually help to maximise your outdoor space, bringing unused or difficult corners back to life or making the most of tight spaces.
.       You may not need to acquire planning permission – In many cases, planning permission will not be needed. There are, however, some specific building regulations that need to be observed when installing a garden room.
.       Aesthetically pleasing – Garden rooms can be an extremely attractive addition to your home. There is a vast array of stylish and modern choices available. For example, you can opt for contemporary bi-fold or slider doors and select composite panel cladding in a wide range of colours. This allows you to find the perfect small garden room to complement your home.