Whether you’re looking to add a garden room to your outdoor space for some peace and quiet, to add an outdoor bar or cinema room, or to create a home office that isn’t 100% inside your home, a garden room undoubtedly adds value. In a time when everyone is trying to add value to their homes, you may be asking yourself which improvement would offer the best returns on your investment. In considering that, you might think a garden room is more of a fun addition rather than something that will add value. Think again! So, is a garden room a good investment? Below are a few of the reasons why we think it’s a resounding yes.

1.      Add floor space at a lower cost

Increasing floor space by adding an extension can be expensive and generally requires planning permission. In comparison, a garden room usually does not require planning permission (unless the size exceeds 30sq m or it takes up more than 50% of your garden). It’s also a significantly more affordable option. In many cases, it can also save you a great deal of time versus a traditional extension, making it a great alternative if you can’t wait. Of course, a traditional loft conversion or extension may add more value to your home than a garden room, but it also costs more, so weighing up the options is a good idea.

2.      Garden rooms can be stunning

Modern garden rooms have nothing to do with the sheds of yore. They’re stunning modern miniature houses with contemporary windows and doors, beautiful cladding, heating, and more. Adding a garden room can be the ideal addition to your home if you’re a little tired of your abode but can’t afford to fully refurbish the whole house. They can give you a bit of respite, an external home office that isn’t (exactly) in your home, an incredible games room or outdoor bar. The options are endless.

3.      Attract home office or small business owners

Garden rooms make the perfect home offices, as they are not truly in your home, offering a dedicated work area away from your living space. Home office workers and small business owners will be especially attracted to the prospect of working in their own dedicated space. Attracting additional buyers drives up the value of your home, making this a win-win. Particularly post-covid buyers will be interested in finding a space that offers a dedicated work area on their property.

4.      Garden rooms add value

Whether you are looking to sell your home and attract more potential buyers in the form of hobbyists, artists or small business owners, or just increase its prospective value by adding something unique, adding a garden room is a great investment. Garden rooms are estimated to add between 5% and 15% of value to your property – an estimated 1.5 times the value of their cost, according to Ideal Home [1] and other analysts, depending on their build quality and the overall quality of your home. They’re a wonderful way of improving your lifestyle and creating value.